Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Video Statement From Mark Warner on Debt Ceiling Deal

Mark Warner was elected, in part, due to his business experience and his knowledge of financial issues. When you combine that with the fact that he's a "radical centrist" and was a member of the "Gang of 6," he definitely has a history of working across party lines when it comes to economic issues. People from both sides of the aisle realize this, which is why he was elected with a strong majority, remains one of the more popular politicians in Virginia, and has earned the respect of his fellow Senators. As a result, I think Warner's thinking on the debt ceiling deal is not only important to folks in Virginia, but to those who are following the economic talks on the Hill in general.

So with that being said, here's a video statement that Warner's office put out about the debt ceiling deal. Perhaps what's most noticeable, is that he joins most of those who voted "aye" by not being a real champion of the bill, but arguing that they needed to pass the legislation in order to avoid going into default.

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