Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Republicans Mock Jaime Radtke for Wanting an RV

Earlier today I wrote a post about how recent polling suggests that she isn’t doing well among GOP activists because she’s running a poor campaign, not necessarily because of her political philosophy. A prime example of this type of sentiment can be seen over at Bearing Drift, one of the most popular conservative blogs in Virginia.

JR Hoft wrote a post a few days ago that highlights how Radtke has been asking for donations to help fund a campaign RV. Apparently it would cost about $1,000 per month to lease the vehicle, with an additional $1,400 per month going towards fuel and insurance. If she wants the fancy wrap that we see when politicians go on bus tours, it would be a one time payment of $7,500. If used correctly, these stats could be beneficial while trying to raise the necessary money because potential donors could see it as a way to get a better sense of where their money is going to be used.

While going on a bus tour and asking donors to fund specific projects are relatively commonplace, Hoft took this as an opportunity to go after Radtke’s campaign tactics. He pointed out that she’s trying to get an RV despite the fact that her “campaign is apparently underwater,” for instance, and ended the post by saying “as if traffic in Virginia wasn’t already bad enough.” While it’s been clear for awhile that Hoft isn’t a big fan of Radtke’s, the comments left by readers also suggested she’s not running a smart campaign.

If commenters weren’t saying there “more urgent ways for her to spend the campaign money she doesn’t have” or why she didn’t just ask for an airplane while she’s at it, they were questioning the figures that she used to estimate the cost of the RV. The few people who appeared to be Radtke supporters spent most of their time launching attacks against Hoft or George Allen -- not really a way to win over supporters or spread information about a candidate who 77% of GOP primary voters have an opinion about.


  1. It's also worth noting that Hoft used a photo of a bus driving into what appears to be a lake as a visual aid for the post -- perhaps making light of the fact that the bus would drive her campaign further underwater.

  2. You people will be eating crow come next November. What about the milions that the other candidates (George Allen in particular)are bragging about receiving from the Republican political machine and special interests. Why don't you use your time on investigating that? No, we have a true conservative candidate here and the best you can do is fault her because of the need for a decent bed ater a long day on the campaign trail. What don't you people get your head out of your a__es!!