Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Giffords' Office: "No decision has been made about 2012"

In the middle of a fierce debate a friend of mine referred to as “petty partisan bickering,” Gabby Giffords’ presence on the House floor for the first time since being shot almost 8 months ago resulted in a standing ovation from members of both parties. It was an inspirational moment that briefly reminded all of us that there are elected officials out there who are truly dedicated to serving their country. It also almost immediately lead to pundits speculating about whether or not she would be running for re-election next year.

With all the speculation brewing about her future, however, her office has released a statement saying that "Congresswoman Giffords is focused on her recovery” and "no decision has been made about 2012." While that is the official position as of now, Giffords’ campaign has still posted some very good numbers through the help of friends and being named as one of the DCCC’s “Frontline” candidates for 2012.

A prime example of the support Giffords’ has received regarding fundraising came through what one of her closest friends, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, said on Morning Joe earlier today. The DNC Chairwoman made it clear that the Giffords’ friends are making sure she has the resources necessary to run for re-election if she’s made enough progress in her recovery. "We're certainly getting her ready to make sure she can run for reelection at the point that they're ready to decide on that," Wasserman Schultz said. “Her supporters in Arizona and across the country and her colleagues are making sure that she doesn't have to start from scratch when she makes that decision."

As I have reported several times before, her Congressional staff has also been making sure that her constituents have been properly represented in the House of Representatives. On the Armed Services Committee, for instance, her staff has been working with Rep. Adam Smith on details as small as making sure questions she might ask are brought up during committee hearings. What this all tells me is that if Giffords were to run for re-election, should would have the support of both a good campaign team and solid Congressional office.

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