Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Democrats Nominate Adrianne Bennett in 21st HoD Race

In 2009, Republican Ron Villanueva defeated incumbent Democrat Bobby Mathieson by 14 votes in the 21st House of Delegates district. Since Bobby has since become the US Marshall for the Eastern District of Virginia, he won’t be trying to regain his seat this year. As a result, we won’t see a rematch of the extremely close race. According to a press release from the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee, however, we will be seeing a solid race as Adrianne Bennett has officially received the Democratic nomination and will be challenging Villanueva in the general election.
Bennett is an attorney who is in a private practice and a public defender for the City of Norfolk, working on the behalf of underrepresented children and those in the foster care system. She was born in Norfolk, moved to Virginia Beach at the age of three, attended Kings Grant and Holland Elementary Schools, Lynnhaven Middle School, First Colonial High School and graduated from Cape Henry Collegiate School in 1990. Bennett earned her Bachelor of Science in Political Science with a minor in Sociology from Virginia Tech, and her Juris Doctorate at the University of Baltimore School of Law, graduating Cum Laude in 1998.

“Less than two years ago, in an unprecedented election year for Republicans, Democrat Bobby Mathieson lost the 21st District by 16 votes. We are committed to helping Adrianne win back this seat”, said Joel McDonald, the Democratic 21st House District Chair. “Adrianne has the proven ability and commitment to being an outspoken and dedicated voice in Richmond. I look forward to her representing all of us in South Hampton Roads.”
As somebody who has spent a significant amount of time organizing around education issues, I’m very glad to see that she has publicly said that “she is dedicated to making sure children have access to quality education, from early childhood to college.” In the race to cut our federal and state budgets, it’s far too often students who suffer since most aren’t old enough to go to the polls. These cuts, however, have a huge impact on our communities because they prevent students from obtaining the skills they need to lead a successful life -- which obviously has a harmful impact on the area they live in.

It’s also good to see that Bennett has a history of serving as a public defender. This is tough work and shows a commitment to ensuring that our justice system works as fairly as possible. Far too often we see the poor get rail roaded by the system because they don’t have the resources to properly defend themselves. Having strong lawyers serve as public defenders helps make sure everyone has their rights defended.

As Joel McDonald pointed out over at Virginia Beach Progressives, this has the potential to be very close and it’s important to Democrats since no Democrats currently hold a Delegate seat “primarily representing Virginia Beach.” In other words, it looks like Democrats have nominated a good candidate in what could prove to be a crucial race this November.

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  1. Thanks for positing about Adrianne Bennett and the race in the 21st! We're looking forward to winning this seat back!