Thursday, July 28, 2011

Virginia Democratic Party Launches Iphone App

Anyone who follows the Virginia blogosphere knows that there’s been some differences between a number of the leading progressive bloggers and the party’s leadership. While there are a number of philosophical issues that have arisen, some folks believe the party is ignoring the netroots and isn’t doing enough to really capture the power of social media. It seems as though at least some folks in the Party are hearing that message because Brian Moran sent out an email today announcing that the Virginia Democratic Party has launched an iphone app and the message focused on how it was viewed as a way to engage the grassroots.
The mission of our organization is to constantly strive to provide the best services and resources possible to our grassroots activists, campaigns, and elected officials. Democrats win when they are educated, trained, and equipped with the right tools. That's what the Virginia Summit was all about, and that's why I'm proud to be unveiling a new tool that will enable us to keep you better informed, and for you to join the conversation by sharing our message with your personal network.
Now this could be a great way to engage folks, but I think it really comes down to how the party decides to use it. If it’s just repeating the same information we get from the emails and press releases they already send out, then the app will be a waste and would help to illustrate why there’s a divide between the netroots and the party leadership. If they use it as a way for the party to truly engage grassroots activists and listen to their concerns, however, it could be a very interesting concern.

Unfortunately, there’s not a version of the app for folks like me who use a blackberry, but if you have an iphone or ipad, you can download it by following this link or search DPVA in the Itunes store.

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