Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gerry Connolly: House GOP Thinks Compromise is a Dirty Word

Gerry Connolly has taken to the floor of the House of Representatives several times in the last few days to go after the GOP for their willingness to see us go into default instead of compromising. This afternoon he continued that theme as he said he's not optimistic Congress will reach an agreement on a debt ceiling bill before the Tuesday deadline and warned that the American people and the world economy should prepare for a U.S. default.

As the deadline approaches, it become clearer and clearer that the extremists have gained control of the House GOP Caucus and that's why compromise doesn't seem too likely. That's why Gerry correctly put the blame for the looming economic disaster squarely at the feet of the House Republicans. “The rigid orthodoxy of the House Majority and their Tea Party masters has created an untenable situation,” he said. “They are more interested in scoring political points than ensuring the stability of the U.S. economy and preserving the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.”

He went on to say that “As the debate on avoiding a destructive default has progressed over the past months, we’ve heard from many House Republicans that compromise is a dirty word. But the voices we should be listening to are those of the American people. What they’ve said has been loud and clear."

Even as I was at the Nationals game last night, several people in our section were talking about how frustrated they were that Republicans were unwilling to compromise. Some folks even went as far as saying that they believed going into default would cost Boehner his speakership and perhaps will end any hopes the GOP had of winning the White House in 2012. Why? Because, as Gerry pointed out this afternoon, it's time for compromise and poll after poll shows how the American people want a balanced approach -- a concept which the House Republicans appear to be unwilling to take.

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