Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Steny Hoyer on Obama's Immigration Speech

There's been a lot of talk about Obama's speech on immigration earlier today. One of the people chiming in is the Democratic Whip in the House, Steny Hoyer. While it does cover the same themes, there are a couple of things worth noting here.

First, Hoyer correctly highlights how there are economic benefits to having an immigration policy that attracts the world's brightest people. Secondly, he points out that the GOP is wrong to claim Obama isn't protecting the border. In fact, folks who have been following the immigration debate probably already know that Obama has actually increased resources on the border.

So with that in mind, here's the statement that Steny Hoyer sent out:

"I commend President Obama for speaking out on this important issue and I echo his call for comprehensive immigration reform that will address the millions of undocumented immigrants working and living in America today. In a competitive world, America's openness to immigration is one of its key strengths. I am very pleased President Obama said he was going to keep fighting for the DREAM Act, long-overdue legislation which Democrats passed in the House last year and I continue to support."

"In order to compete in the global economy, America cannot afford to close its doors and not let talented entrepreneurs create jobs here at home. People come here from all over the world to get an education and we should be encouraging them to take root here in the U.S. and create the jobs that will help more families Make it in America."

"While some Republicans continue to insist we need to strengthen our borders before tackling immigration reform, in reality, President Obama has doubled the number of border agents since 2004 and tripled the number of intelligence analysts working there. Comprehensive immigration reform may not be easy, but it is a moral and economic imperative that is long overdue. I urge my Republican colleagues to work with us to forge a bipartisan solution and bring much-needed reform to our broken immigration system."

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