Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Penny Gross Speaks About the Leadership We Need from Chairman

I mentioned in some of the posts I did earlier this week that the main theme at the kickoff of Sharon Bulova's reelection campaign was how her leadership skills has helped Fairfax during tough economic times. While all of the speakers had stories about how they've seen Sharon's leadership in action, I wanted to take the time to highlight the speech that Supervisor Penny Gross gave at the event.

Penny might not always get a lot of the limelight, but there's a reason she's served for a long time and has become vice-chair of the Board. She's extremely knowledgeable about the issues important to Fairfax, works long hours making sure her constituents are represented well and their concerns are met, and I've heard from her staff on several occasions just how passionate she is about serving the community. So when Penny talks about what makes a good Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, people should listen. And with that in mind, here's the video of what she had to say regarding the type of leadership we need.

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