Monday, April 25, 2011

Tibetans Still Being Attacked By Chinese

For a lot of Americans, the Free Tibet movement is something that they know is somehow connected to the Dalai Lama. Some might even understand that Tibetans living in their homeland have had their rights deeply restricted and aren't even allowed to mention the name of their spiritual and rightful civil leader. What most don't understand, however, is that the Chinese government still uses a severe amount of force when dealing with Buddhist monks and the Tibetan people.
Chinese security forces have detained more than 300 Tibetan monks at a besieged monastery in Sichuan, taking them away in buses and brutally beating local Tibetans who attempted to come to their rescue, exile Tibetan sources said.

Two of those attacked—an elderly man and woman—were killed, sources said.

The monks at Kirti monastery in the Ngaba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture had resisted a forced campaign of “political re-education” following the March 17 self-immolation death of a monk protesting Beijing’s rule in the area.
In addition to the human rights violations that should obviously concern everyone, this is one of the circumstances where China holding much of our debt is cause for some concern. After all, it's hard for the US to take a firm stance on the issue when we owe the Chinese so much money and we're desperately trying to get them to change some policies about the value of their currency.

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