Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ICYMI, Some Quick Must Reads

In case you missed them over the last few days, here are some stories that are worth reading.

**Before Obama decided to release his long form birth certificate (which confirmed what he’s been saying all along), the big news today was going to be that there’s going to be some changes in Obama’s national security team. Current CIA Director Leon Panetta will replace Robert Gates as secretary of defense, General David Petraeus will become the new CIA Director, and Ryan Crocker will become Ambassador to Afghanistan.

**George Allen said he supports Ryan’s Tea Party budget plan. As we’ve already seen that Virginians don’t support the drastic cuts to Medicare and other crucial programs, the DPVA Communications Director Brian Coy quickly highlighted how “the plan makes drastic cuts to investments that create opportunity for working families, and weakens essential safety nets – like Medicare – for seniors, people with disabilities and those who have lost their jobs.” He continued by highlighting how “despite all of this, the Republican budget still won't solve our financial problems. In fact, it threatens to make them worse by endangering the progress we've made to stabilize our economy and create jobs. Virginians need smart fiscal leadership to cut spending and keep our economy growing. We don’t need another six years of George Allen’s fiscal irresponsibility.”

**In an example of why the LGBT community hasn’t been thrilled with the Obama Administration, Attorney General Eric Holder praised the lawyer who resigned from his law firm because the firm decided not to help John Boehner defend the Defense of Marriage Act. In other words, just as folks were praising the Obama Administration’s decision not to defend a policy that blatantly discriminates against same sex couples, Eric Holder is slapping the LGBT community in the fact by actually commending someone who is protesting opposition to the law.

**There are a lot of questions about the tactics colleges use to claim they have opportunities for women to compete in athletic programs. The New York Times even highlighted how some universities even count even have men who are the practice teams for women’s sports so that they can have a higher number of women athletes in reports they have to submit to the Department of Education.

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