Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Video: Rep. Gordan Hintz Illustrates How Passionate People Are In Wisconsin

As the protests in Madison, Wisconsin have now been going on for over a week, there is a lot of talk about how Governor Walker is refusing to even consider a possible negotiation with the unions and the Democratic members of the state legislature. When you consider that the unions have already said they'll accept the pay cuts as long as collective bargaining isn't done away with, it becomes painfully obvious that this isn't like Governor Scott Walker keeps telling the press.

As Rep. Gordon Hintz pointed out during a speech on the floor of the state assembly, however, the GOP has been using extremely shady tactics throughout the debate. All of the tactics he points to suggest the GOP doesn't want much investigation into what the proposed legislation really entails. Fortunately, you have passionate people like Hintz and the thousands of people at the Capitol who are standing up for the working class and an open government.

The following video, which has been making its way around through email lists and twitter, really shows how passionate people have become about standing up for workers.

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