Monday, February 7, 2011

VA Senate Democrats Pass Job Training Funding

With unemployment over 9%, it shouldn't be too surprising that politicians are frequently trying to argue that they're doing whatever they can to improve the job market. While we are seeing that's not really the case on the federal level from the GOP controlled House of Representatives, the Democratically controlled Virginia state Senate appears to know how to take action in regards to jobs. As part of the Senate Democrats' Jobs Now! Plan, the Senate passed SB 1473 earlier today.

The bill, which was patroned by Sen. Louise Lucas (D-Portsmouth), establishes funding and tax credits through the Department of Business Assistance for job training. The funding through this bill will allow workers to "gain skills necessary to create and retain employability in the job market" through various career and technical training opportunities. This not only means that it will be able to help workers gain employment, but will help ensure that companies in Virginia have highly qualified workers that can help the business run efficiently. In other words, it'll be directly beneficial to the unemployed (or underemployed)through training and will help the entire economy through a better workforce.

The bill also gets to the point that investment in education at all levels is something that is incredibly important for the economy. As a business owner, Sen. Lucas appears to have had this in mind when she patroned the bill.

“As someone who has been in the role of business owner and an employee, I can relationships and education play an important role in job creation and retention,” she said. “The purpose of this legislation is to forge strong partnerships between employees and employers to finance worker education and training opportunities as a means of increasing enhancing recruitment and retention and adjusting to an ever-changing economy.”

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