Monday, February 14, 2011

Rumors Circulate About Who'd Replace Kaine As DNC Chair

With all the discussion about who the Democrats will pick to run for Jim Webb's seat in 2012, any bit of information about some of the leading contenders is heavily sought after. One clue about the fate of Tim Kaine is that there's beginning to be a lot of discussion about who would replace him as DNC Chair. Reid Wilson, for instance, mentioned that Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has been meeting with key figures in the Democratic Party recently.
The Bay State governor, re-elected to a second term in November, has said he wants to brag about Massachusetts. Recently, he's taken that braggadocio to some strange places, sitting down with DNC chairman Tim Kaine and David Axelrod, Patrick's one-time chief strategist.

Patrick is close with Pres. Obama, and he's certainly a short-lister if and when certain Cabinet positions open up (He's been mentioned for Attorney General). But maybe there's a more immediate position coming open in which Patrick might be interested: Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.
The increased discussion about his replacement come at a time when the rumors are that Kaine's announcement will take place sometime around the JJ Dinner, which is taking place in Richmond this weekend. When you combine the news of people seeking his seat as DNC Chair with the fact that people close to Kaine have been making calls about his potential candidacy, Sen. Warner announced that he wants Kaine to run and expects he'll make a decision in "the next few days," and a lot of the party leadership appears to be lining up behind his candidacy, it's likely that Kaine will announce his candidacy very soon.

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