Friday, February 18, 2011

Rep. Giffords and the Armed Services Committee

Almost immediately after the tragic shootings in Tuscon, we began hearing about how much her colleagues have for Rep. Gabby Giffords. That has continued in the weeks since the shooting and that the respect for Giffords was especially evident during an Armed Services Committee hearing yesterday. During a hearing about the Air Force's proposed FY 2012 budget, the leaders of the Air Force recognized her work and Rep. Adam Smith made sure her office was able to have questions answered.

Secretary Michael Donley started his testimony by discussing how "the air force knows and respects Rep. Giffords for her strong our men and women in uniform." He then added that "we certainly wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to her return to this Committee." General Norton Schwartz expressed the same sentiments when he began his testimony.

For those of you who are wondering what's going on with her Congressional office while she's recovering, we saw the answer to that during the hearing. Her staffers are continuing to work with leadership to make sure that her constituents are represented in the House. When it came to his turn to question Donley and Schwartz, for example, the ranking Democrat on the committee (Rep. Adam Smith) had worked with Giffords staff to develop questions that she would have wanted asked. Those questions were on energy efficiency and Air Force bases like the one in her district.

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