Thursday, February 3, 2011

Protesters Want City to "Fix Schools, Not Just Close Them."

With the budget crisis that states and localities are going through all across the country, there are some leaders who are advocating for closing schools in order to save money. This is done because closing the schools is viewed as a cost effective way of dealing with the cost of turning around low performing schools. At the same time it conviently ignores the reforms that could save money in the long run as well as benefit the students who are due to be educated in their community schools.

That is why I've been glad to see so many parents and community members rally in attempts to stop school closings in places like Rochester, Fairfax (Clifton Elementary), and now NYC. The video below is of a rally organized by NYC Coalition for Educational Justice and the Urban Youth Collaborative.

According to reports about the rally, there were dozens of protesters that were arrested during the event for blocking traffic while demanding that the City "fix schools, not just close them." Among those arrested were Council Members Jumaane Williams and Charles Barron.

One of the main reasons I want to highlight this is that it illustrates how there are people out there who strongly believe in maintaining a high quality public school system in place. In a day in age where a lot of state leaders are considering slashing education budgets, they should remember just how important public schools are to our future generation. Plus, as this rally demonstrates, the parents of these children will remember those who stand up for public education and will remember it when they head to the polls.

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