Friday, February 11, 2011

Open Thread: Mubarak Steps Down

After more than two weeks of protest, Egyptian President Mubarak has stepped down. While it will be very important to watch how the transition of power actually happens, this is a great step in the direction of democracy and shows what peaceful protest can actually accomplish. A lot of the pundits are pointing out how this is a historic event that is on the level of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the first non-racist election in South Africa.

As is always the case, I'm sure there will be lots of developments and reaction worth watch. President Obama, for instance, is expected to make some sort of a statement later today. As we're all watching these developments, feel free to use the comment section as an open thread on the topic.

UPDATE: The following is a statement released by Sen. Jeff Merkley.

“February 11th will live long in the hearts of all Egyptians. Eighteen days of peaceful protest have accomplished a remarkable feat – the resignation of long-time dictator Hosni Mubarak. There are many uncertainties in Egypt’s future. America must work closely with Egyptian leaders to assist a transition to democracy. This is a tremendous moment and we all hope it will lead to increased freedom and prosperity for all Egyptians.”


  1. Chuck Todd is reporting that Obama's speech is going to be at 1:30. Apparently he was told about Mubarak's announcement while in a meeting and he immediately stepped out and is now watching the scene develop on TV with some aids.

  2. If there's another reason to delay the departure OTHER than to give The Finger to President Barry, I can't think of it.