Monday, February 28, 2011

McDonnell's Lack of Leadership Means He Isn't Really "Bob for Jobs"

Throughout the 2009 gubernatorial campaign, Bob McDonnell claimed he would spur job creation if elected governor. The message was such a critical element of his campaign that he even put out road signs displaying the slogan “Bob for Jobs.” A year into his administration, however, it appears as though he hasn’t really held true to his slogan because a report on Regional and State Unemployment came out last week and showed that Virginia’s average unemployment actually grew last year.

Despite the increased unemployment rate, McDonnell is still making media tours trying to tout how his policies are terrific and is even trying to put his name out there as a potential VP candidate. Heck, he’s so consumed with speaking about his conservative politics despite their negative influence that he decided to lend some support to Gov. Scott Walker’s effort to take away workers’ rights in Wisconsin. Despite what the McDonnell administration might think, Virginians don’t need a governor focusing on a media tour. We need a governor who will actually help create policy that promotes job creation. That is why Brian Moran called upon McDonnell to actually show some sort of leadership on the issue.
“These numbers demonstrate that despite the press releases, the Governor and his team did not even create enough jobs to keep pace with population growth, much less to put a meaningful number of people who lost their jobs in the recession back to work.

“After more than a year in office and in the midst of a nationwide economic recovery, it’s time for Governor McDonnell to account for his administration’s efforts on job creation, including the millions of dollars in taxpayer money they’ve spent in the name of accelerating our economy. Virginia families don’t need press releases, they need real, tangible progress and proof that Bob McDonnell has a comprehensive, long-term plan to grow our economy.”
We are still recovering from the toughest economic times since the great depression, so most people can understand that we’re still not to pre-recession levels. During the gubernatorial campaign, however, Bob McDonnell lead voters to believe that he could bring the Commonwealth back to full strength extremely quickly. It’s therefore worth noting that the nonpartisan Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis reported Virginia needs to add 263,000 jobs in order to return to pre-recession employment levels. If that’s going to happen by 2012, there needs to be 24,906 new jobs every month. Jobs weren’t even being created at a quarter of that rate when the report was released last month.

When you combine the poor statistics of the McDonnell administration with the fact that Bob McDonnell has been actively supporting efforts to take rights away from workers, you have to wonder if Bob really is for jobs.

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