Friday, February 11, 2011

Glenn Nye Won't Run For Senate

With Jim Webb announcing that he wouldn't be seeking re-election, there have been several potential candidates mentioned. As Lowell points out over at Blue Virginia, there's been several groups started to draft the various candidates that people are interested in. While he definitely wasn't one of the leading contenders, there was some speculation that former Congressman Glenn Nye would enter the race. In an announcement on Facebook today, however, said that he won't be entering the race.
Thanks to all those who have supported me over the past few years and those who have encouraged me to consider running to serve Virginia in the US Senate. I think we are losing a great public servant with the announced retirement of Senator Jim Webb. His departure is still almost two years away though and I am sure we will see many great things from him both during that time and after he departs the Senate. I am proud to have worked hard in the 111th Congress to implement the Post-9/11 GI Bill Jim wrote. Since he has decided to leave, I am looking forward to supporting a democratic candidate who will carry on the legacy of service of Jim Webb and be a great partner to Mark Warner. I think Tim Kaine would be an excellent candidate and a great Senator for Virginia. As for me, I am not interested in seeking the job, but I do intend to remain active on issues and to continue working to strengthen America's leadership in the world and to protect and serve the veterans who so bravely serve all of us.
Behind the scenes, the reaction from a lot of Democratic activists has been "Thank God" and "he couldn't have won a primary anyways." While I definitely have respect for anyone who is willing to put themselves forward for service like Nye did in his Congressional career, his voting record leaves a lot to be desired. As a result, he would have had some troubles attracting grassroots activists to his campaign.

As we now have one potential candidate announcing that he won't run, it'll be interesting to see when some of the other possibilities start announcing their decisions.

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