Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Some of the Negative Impacts of the GOP Budget

As I mentioned in my write up of yesterday's Ways and Means Committee hearing, there are many Republican House members who appear to be more concerned about tax cuts for the extremely wealthy than measures that would truly help working class Americans. If you needed some more evidence of how the Republican continuing resolution represents those values, here are just a few. The following numbers were some of the negative impacts in the GOP's proposal that were highlighted in an email from Nancy Pelosi's office. Of course, folks in the DC area should also be concerned about how the Republicans want to cut funding to Metro. That would compromise WMATA's ability to bring the system up to safety standards and harm the region's hard working families that depend on the Metro to get to work.

American Jobs
800,000: Private and public-sector jobs destroyed by domestic spending cuts

Jobs Rebuilding America
284,000: Private-sector transportation and infrastructure jobs lost

Educating America
218,000: Children kicked out of Head Start
55,000: Early Learning teachers, teacher assistants and related staff who will lose their jobs
7,000: Special education teachers and staff who will lose their jobs because of IDEA funding cuts
$845: Amount by which the maximum Pell Grant is cut

American Innovation
• $1.6 billion: Cut to National Institute of Health – representing a significant setback in cancer and other disease research
• 20,000: Fewer researchers supported at the National Science Foundation

ELIMINATED: Helping Veterans & Women’s Health
• ELIMINATED: $75 Million program that provides assistance to Homeless Veterans
• ELIMINATED: Title X funding for women’s health services

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