Monday, December 13, 2010

Video: Lawsuit Filed Challenging Cathie Black's Appointment as Schools Chancellor

Under Mayor Bloomberg's leadership, New York City has moved towards mayoral control and has become home to many charter schools. In other words, they are taking control of public education away from public accountability in favor of policies that favor coorporations. That can be seen in the appointment of Cathie Black as Schools Commissioner despite her lack of experience in the education field.

For those who have noticed how the corporate interests benefit from charter schools, it shouldn't be too surprising that under Bloomberg's leadership we now see a person appointed Schools Commissioner whose background is as a CEO of a publishing company. Parents, teachers, and community members, however, are simply going to let this appointment go through without fighting back.

In NYC, the Chancellor must have a Master's Degree and/or a certain amount of teacher experience. Since Black doesn't have any, she had to receive a waiver. She did receive one from the state Education Commissioner, but a lawsuit has now been filed that claims she received it illegally. The following video is from a press conference that was held discussing the lawsuit.

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