Saturday, December 18, 2010

Senate Passes DADT repeal

Today is one of those days where I'm reminded why I've spent years putting in so many long hours and sleepless nights trying to see change for the better. In an historic vote this afternoon, the Senate voted 65 to 31 to repeal DADT. As the resolution has now made it through both houses of Congress, we are watching a great step forward in the fight for civil rights.

The passage of the repeal is largely a result of the grassroots activists who simply wouldn't give up on their right to openly serve the country they love. With that, I leave you with the remarks of Sen. Jeff Merkley because I think he sums it up quite well.

"This is a victory for equal rights. And it is a victory for our national security as well. All men and women serving our nation should be able to do so without hiding who they are. And our nation is well served by utilizing the talents of all Americans."

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