Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekend Photoblogging: Touring a Landfill

Every weekend I'll be posting some photos from events that I have attended, or places I have been, during the week. This week's photos come from a tour of a local landfill that I toured with several environmental activists. The photos below were taken with my blackberry, so the quality isn't great, but they do show some of the interesting things we saw during out tour. 1)There are seagulls all over the place and 2)part of what they do at the end of everyday is cover up the daily drop off with soil.

Another interesting aspect of the tour was that with some of the older techniques that were used in landfills, you usually can still read a 20 year old newspaper. Our tour guide informed us that with some of the "sludge" and decomposition techniques they are currently using, however, she expects that won't be possible.

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