Tuesday, November 30, 2010

U of R's E-waste Recycling Event A Huge Success

The University of Rochester has shown some leadership on the sustainability front here and one of their big sustainability events is the annual one they hold for e-waste recycling. This year's event was held about a month ago and they just put up an announcement about how productive the event was.
This year’s annual Household E-waste Round-up, which took place on October 29th, collected 34,851 lbs of electronics, 9,000 lbs more than last year.

The event took place in Park Lot, where student and staff volunteers greeted a steady flow of traffic from the UR Community. From 6:30AM to 5PM, workers enthusiastically emptied the vehicles of unwanted computers, monitors, keyboards and various other electronics.
I think there are also a few things of note that weren't covered in the post. First of all, the event was held on a very cold and very rainy day, which makes the turnout even more impressive. Anyone who has organized an event knows that it's hard to get people to turn out when the weather is bad, unless the motivation for people to come to the event truly is strong. This means the staff involved with the organizing event really did well in getting out the message about this event's importance.

Another important note is that there were students volunteering and most of the people who dropped off good were associated with the university. The event therefore not only allowed for recycling of electronics, but also helped to institutionalize the awareness of how sustainability efforts can be worked into campus life.

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  1. The increase in the E-waste shows that more and more people are becoming responsible towards nature & Environment.