Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jim Webb Praises Comprehensive Nature Of DADT Report

The debate surrounding DADT is certainly heating up as there is a need for the Senate to act quickly if anything is going to happen during the lame duck session. Over at Americablog, Joe Sudbay pointed out that Sen. Jim Webb made some comments about the study that could be interpreted as a good sign for those who support the repeal of DADT.
There was one possible good sign from Senator Webb, who voted against the DADT amendment in Committee on May 27th. As Igor reports, Webb "praised the comprehensive nature of the report.
I agree with Joe that it definitely is a good sign that Webb's speaking about the comprehensiveness of the study. At the same time, however, his comments still leave him a lot of wiggle room that would allow him to either argue for delaying a vote or voting against repeal all together. Here are Webb's remarks:

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