Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pat Herrity has Poor Showing For Quarterly Financial Numbers

With the quarterly financial numbers coming in from the campaigns, there has been some numbers coming in for the candidates in Virginia's 11th District. In the Republican primary, Pat Herrity appears to be rolling through all his money relatively quickly. With two months to go until the primary, FEC reports show he has less than $200,000 cash on hand. On top of that he has $25,000 in debt and another $5,000 that can only be used in the general election. Based upon the fact that Keith Fimian will be able to self fund his campaign and Herrity's already spending a lot of money on overhead and staff, it looks like Herrity will have very little money left in the bank if he wins the Republican nomination.

These financial numbers are important because the Republicans are already very divided in who they are supporting. Considering that there has already been a lot of bad blood between the two campaigns, things are likely to only get worse during the final two months of the primary. The eventually Republican nominee could therefore benefit from having some money in the bank to help restore his reputation after the bitter battle he'll emerge from. Based upon the numbers we're seeing from Pat Herrity's campaign, however, it appears as though he'll have to face the difficultly of restoring his reputation after the primary at the same time that he's desperately trying to raise money for the general election. In other words, things aren't looking to good for Pat Herrity.

UPDATE: In sharp contrast to the poor numbers that Herrity is reporting, I just received word that Gerry Connolly has over $1 million cash on hand and raised over $450,000 in the first quarter. What's even more impressive about Gerry's numbers is that he received a large amount of his support from over 1,500 individual grassroots supporters who attended events such as his annual St. Patrick's Day gathering. As people begin to pay more and more attention to this election, I also expect that we'll see Gerry continue to produce good fundraising numbers which means he'll have a significant financial advantage of his Republican opponent. When you combine this with Gerry's history of providing good constituent services to people in the district, this is absolutely a great sign for his campaign.

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