Friday, April 2, 2010

Florida Republican Doctor Tells Democrats To Seek Coverage Elsewhere

Between wasting taxpayer money on frivolous lawsuits challenging the health care reform law and tea party activists threatening people who voted in favor of the legislation, we've seen the GOP take various forms of opposition to the new health care reform law that will provide health insurance for millions of previously uninsured Americans and make it more affordable for those who already had coverage. It appears as though there's yet another form of expressing opposition to the new law -- Republican doctors encouraging Obama supporters to seek care elsewhere.

Dr. Jack Cassell is a urologist in Florida who is active in the local Republican Party and is married to a Republican candidate for County Commissioner. Cassell claims he doesn't quiz people on their political beliefs, but he has previously attempted to push his political beliefs on patients and has posted a sign on the office window suggesting that Democrats should seek other coverage because "changes to your healthcare begin right now."
"I'm not turning anybody away — that would be unethical," Dr. Jack Cassell, 56, a Mount Dora urologist and a registered Republican opposed to the health plan, told the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday. "But if they read the sign and turn the other way, so be it."

The sign reads: "If you voted for Obama … seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your healthcare begin right now, not in four years."


In his waiting room, Cassell also has provided his patients with photocopies of a health-care timeline produced by Republican leaders that outlines "major provisions" in the health-care package. The doctor put a sign above the stack of copies that reads: "This is what the morons in Washington have done to your health care. Take one, read it and vote out anyone who voted for it."
Throughout the entire debate process, Republicans frequently tried to mislead the public by suggesting that the Democrats wanted to get in the way of the general public receiving medical care. Even if you were willing to buy into those lies during the actual debate, the actions by the doctor and Republican activist raise a lot of questions about the truth of those statements.

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