Thursday, March 11, 2010

Video: Rally and March in Richmond Against Cuccinelli's Extremist Agenda

In reaction to Ken Cuccinelli's letter to the colleges and universities in Virginia saying that they shouldn't have rules that prevent discrimination based solely on sexual orientation, approximately 150 students participated in a rally at VCU and then marched to the state capital. From what I've been told by people who were at the event, the crowd was filled with a wide variety of students who were all coming together because they did not want discriminatory policies to be put in place at their university. As one student who is straight said in an email to me, "college is about learning more than just what's taught in the classroom. We cannot allow bigotry to prevent students from the full college experience." In other words, preventing LGBT students from attending college wouldn't only harm their future but could have a negative impact on the learning experience of other students as well.

As an interesting note, there were several people at the rally who are currently serving in the armed forces. Considering that DADT hasn't been repealed yet, I think the risk they took by attending this event truly shows how passionate they are about speaking out against Cuccinelli's letter. Others who were at the event have recently served and thought they could be open about who they are since they're no longer in uniform, but are instead having to face the potential of discrimination once again due to the right wing agenda that Cuccinelli is trying to push on our institutions of higher learning.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch did have some coverage of the event including some footage of the event. Here is one video which includes a few interviews with students participating in the event.

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