Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sharp Contrast Between Cuccinelli and True Leaders at State Level

While Virginia's Attorney General is moving forward with a frivolous lawsuit trying to overturn health care reform with the full support of Gov. Bob McDonnell, the majority of governors realize the importance of this legislation and believe it's in the best interests of their constituents. After President Obama signed the bill yesterday, the Democratic Governor's Association issued a statement expressing its support of health insurance reform.
“Today’s historic signing is a victory for the millions of working families and small businesses in our states. We applaud President Obama and the leaders in Congress who demonstrated the courage of their convictions to make this day a reality,” Governor Markell said. “Our Governors are fully focused on creating new and better jobs in our states. Health care is very much an economic issue. So many of our middle class families and small business owners have told us that years of rapidly rising costs for health care premiums have been major obstacles to their economic growth. This bill helps unleash their economic potential.”

“Seven presidents tried to reform health care and President Obama finally led us to a solution,” Governor O’Malley said. “In each of our states, we can now build on our existing efforts to expand health care reform, control costs and put Americans back in charge of their health care decisions. These historic reforms signal our party’s commitment to all Americans that we will stand up for them, we will make life better for the middle class and we will fight to put this country back on strong economic footing.”
So despite the fact that Ken Cuccinelli is willing to waste taxpayer money while trying to overturn a crucial piece of legislation, there are other statewide elected officials who realize the importance of standing up for the American public. While recent events have help to prove just how out of touch with reality Cuccinelli and McDonnell are, the contrast between Cuccinelli's response to the passage of health insurance reform and that of state leaders like Gov. O'Malley and Gov. Markell shows how his actions are outside of the mainstream. When you consider that we just had to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from our education budget and billions from other programs, Cuccinelli's extremist agenda not only goes outside of the mainstream but is actually detrimental to Virginia (the funds spent on this frivolous lawsuit would be better utilized on things such as funding our schools during these tough economic times).

Unfortunately, Virginians will have to deal with this for the next four years as Cuccinelli appears content on continuing these types of actions. Perhaps someone should let Gov. McDonnell know that instead of supporting his Attorney General, he should point out how Cuccinelli's behavior actually represents that type of action that is "detrimental to the family." Somehow I don't think that'll happen though.

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