Monday, March 22, 2010

Progressive Change Campaign Committee Endorses Krystal Ball

Although we have plenty to celebrate after Congress has stood up to health insurance companies by passing reform legislation, there is still a lot of work left to do. That is why the Progressive Change Campaign Committee is already looking at candidates to support in the 2010 elections and this morning they sent out an email announcing that they support Krystal Ball in Virginia's 1st Congressional District. Following up on last night's historic vote, the PCC highlighted how Krystal supports the public option and would sign on as a co-sponsor to Alan Grayson's "Medicare You Can Buy Into Act" if she were elected.

It's also worth noting that this endorsement comes before the primary is even over. This is worth paying attention to because it makes it clear that the Progressive Change Campaign Committee isn't just interested in endorsing whichever candidate receives the Democratic nomination, but wants to support candidates that are interested in truly standing up for the best interests of their potential constituents.

In the email announcement, the PCCC also announced that it would be having staffers work in the 1st CD to help highlight why Krystal should be elected to Congress. Since an effective ground game will be crucial in Krystal's attempt to defeat an incumbent Republican in slightly Republican leaning district, having extra staff out in the field will most definitely be useful. Plus, when you combine that with the fact that Krystal was in the first pair of candidates the organization endorsed, I think this also shows that the Progressive Change Campaign Committee really wants to see Krystal elected and is going to do much more than just send out an email or two.

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