Monday, March 1, 2010

Progressive Candidate Challenges Sen. Blanche Lincoln in Democratic Primary

Sen. Blanche Lincoln is one of the Democratic Senators who are standing in the way of the public option being in the health care reform bill and there has been a grassroots movement to find a progressive Democrat to run against her in the Democratic primary. It appears as though a candidate has stepped forward as Arkansas Lt. Gov Bill Halter is now running and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee has come out with a youtube video supporting his campaign and going after Lincoln for her refusal to support a public option.

Now Lincoln already had poor poll numbers against her potential Republican numbers, so she was going to have to really activate Democratic voters and volunteers if she was going to win in November. The plain and simple fact that she was joining the Republicans and standing in the way of the public option when a little over 75% of the Democrats in her state support the public option, however, suggests that she was going to have a rather difficult time actually getting the base motivated. A lot of Democratic activists have therefore argued that our best chance of keeping her seat in Democratic hands is to have another Democrat step forward. Considering how aggressive and outspoken in support of the public option Bill Halter has been so far, he very well could be the candidate Democrats need to win in Arkansas.

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