Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Krystal Ball Wins Democratic Nomination in the 1st CD

There has been a lot of energy surrounding Krystal Ball's campaign for Congress in Virginia's 1st Congressional District because so many people realize that she's a strong progressive who isn't afraid of standing up for her beliefs. This energy has resulted in her dominating the caucuses and sweeping the delegate totals at many of them. After sweeping yet another caucus over the weekend, it became mathematically impossible for her opponent, Scott Robinson, to win enough delegates at the remaining caucuses to secure the nomination. With that in mind, he issued a statement yesterday conceding
When we started this campaign seven months ago, I had just retired from a 25-year career in the United States Army and was attempting to catch up to my would be opponents by building a political operation from scratch. The factors surrounding that short amount of time proved to be a daunting task. That is why I will be changing directions and am putting aside my aspirations to serve in Congress for now.

I wanted to send you this note so that you would be the first to know of my decision and also be the very first to know how much you meant to me during this campaign. Your support, your financial contributions and most of all, your friendship have made this transition from the military to the political arena much more meaningful.
I'm pleased to see that Robinson made the decision to drop out of the race in a respectable manner because I do believe that he can have a role to play in the political process in the future. After all, he has already served in uniform for over two decades and could potentially help our country on national security issues.

There is one thing I want to draw attention to, however, because I take issue with how his email casts both Krystal Ball and the Republican incumbent in the same boat of having an advantage in terms of a "political operation." While it is indeed true that they both were further along that Robinson was in his campaign, it would be wrong to lump both Krystal Ball and Rob Wittman into the same category. I say this because Krystal has indeed gone through great efforts to build up her base of support through grassroots organizing and inspiring her potential constituents, which is a major reason that she was able to sweep so many of the caucuses. Wittman, on the other hand, got into Congress during a low turnout special election that hardly anyone was paying attention to and has now secured the backing of the entrenched Republican establishment. The grassroots support of Krystal's campaign that involves so many local community members therefore is drastically different from the RNC backed campaign of Rob Wittman.

All that being said, I'm very pleased to see how the residents of Virginia's 1st Congressional District are rallying behind Krystal's candidacy. The 1st CD is going to be a tough race for Democrats to win, but a strong grassroots effort like the one Krystal is putting together could make this a competitive race come November.

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