Saturday, March 13, 2010

Krystal Ball Sweeps Delegates In Caucuses Earlier Today

In the 1st Congressional District, Democrats are going to be selecting their nominee at a convention in May. While there is still a fair amount of time left before the convention, the caucuses to select delegates to the convention have already started and it appears as though Krystal Ball is off to a great start. According to Marc Broklawski, the former chair of the Stafford County Democratic Committee who now blogs at, Krystal had a great field game in place and swept the delegates from the caucuses held in Fredericksburg and Stafford today.
Krystal Ball proved that “money, message and mobilization” is the key ingredients of a successful campaign. Her field operation was absolutely dominating today, turning out more folks than I’ve ever seen before at not one, but two caucuses. In what can only be described as a thumping, Krystal swept all delegates and alternates from today’s contests in Fredericksburg and Stafford. The key number to look out for is the number of delegates that committed to vote for Krystal. She captured 35 of them today, which is slightly more than one-third of the number that she needs to secure the Democratic nomination.

While there are plenty of contests left before the 1st Congressional District Convention in May, the math for Scott just got a whole lot harder to secure the nomination – if not impossible. The fact is that Krystal’s base of support is strong throughout the district, especially in the southern part of it. I’m also confident that Krystal understands that she cannot take anything for granted and will continue working hard throughout the entire district.
Now Krystal's primary campaign will definitely benefit from these delegates, but I think there's something even more important to look at here. The 1st CD is going to be a very tough race for Democrats to win, but we can if there's a very good ground game in place that can get the word out about a good candidate. From all the accounts that I've heard about today's caucuses, Krystal's grassroots supporters were a large part of why she was able to perform so well. When you combine that with the fact that it's still relatively early in the campaign, I think there's the real possibility for her ground game to grow even larger which will help during the summer and fall months as canvassing efforts will play a large role in educating the public about her candidacy.

All in all, this is most definitely a good sign for Krystal's campaign and I'm glad to see that there's so much excitement surrounding the Democratic primary in the 1st.

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