Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jay O'Brien Will Seek Rematch Against George Barker in the 39th Senate District

In 2007 George Barker earned the nickname "21" by defeating Jay O'Brien in an extremely close race in the 39th Senate district and giving the Democrats the majority in the state Senate. Even in the immediate aftermath of the election, the word on the street was that O'Brien would be running for political office again in the future. There were even some rumors that he'd consider running for statewide office, but he decided not to run after Bill Bolling declared his intention to run for reelection. So with his desires to move up to higher office essentially quashed, it now appears as though he's decided he wants his old seat back in the state Senate. According to Inside Nova, O'Brien just declared his intention to run for the seat in 2011.

Before he gets his rematch with Barker, however, he will likely have to defeat fellow Republican Scott Martin in a primary. Martin is an assistant dean a George Mason and actually ran for the Fairfax County School Board in 2003 but had a very poor showing. Given the fact that O'Brien still has a following in Republican circles and has run successful campaigns in the past, O'Brien has to be the early favorite in the Republican primary. Since that actual contest will be taking place in over a year from now, however, you never know what could happen. With that being said, I imagine George Barker is looking forward to possibility of facing Jay O'Brien again in 2011.

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