Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gerry Connolly Discusses Health Care Reform on CNN

Gerry Connolly was on CNN this morning discussing the fate of the health care reform bill. Perhaps the most important aspect of the interview is how Gerry talks about how health care reform is something that absolutely needs to get done and that he believes that creating meaningful reform is more important than his own political future. When you combine that sentiment with the fact that action needs to be taken immediately, that is why he voted for the last bill even though he doesn’t like every aspect of the bill and will likely do so again.This concept is something that I’ve heard Gerry speak about both at public events and in private conversations that we’ve had, so I’m confident that he wasn’t just taking this position in order to look good in a news report.

Another interesting aspect of the interview is that it also highlights how Connolly hasn't heard from either President Obama or his chief of staff Rham Emmanuel about health care reform. Now you would think the White House would want to make sure they had the support of all Democrats from swing districts, but Gerry's one of the Members of Congress you'd think they'd really want to reach out to. Not necessarily because of his individual vote on the bill, but because he's the president of the Freshman class of Democrats in the House and is in the position to potentially help the White House with other freshmen. This piece therefore really does raise some questions about the White House's leadership on health care reform.

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