Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cuccinelli Finds His Job "Pretty Boring" When He's Not Wasting Taxpayer Money on Frivolous Lawsuits

Most people who knew Ken Cuccinelli (or had at least followed his career in public office) before he ran for Attorney General were well aware of the fact that his politics were to the far right. When he started running for AG, we even warned that he would be promoting an extremist agenda that could do some harm to Virginia. Nonetheless, he was elected by a rather hefty margin after he was able to convince the public that he wasn’t as extreme as his politics would suggest. As he’s now telling colleges they have no right to prevent discrimination, wasting tax payer money on a lawsuit against allowing people to have access to affordable health care, and wasting even more money on another lawsuit because he doesn’t like that the EPA was using science as the basis for a law, Cuccinelli has gone a long ways to proving that he is indeed an extremist that will be setting Virginia back decades if he’s successful.

As he’s working on doing a significant amount of damage to our Commonwealth, Cuccinelli actually seems to be rather proud of the fact that he’s turned the AG’s office into a law firm that promotes his own political agenda instead of one that stands up for the public. During a speech in Lynchburg, for instance, the News Advance reports he said that his job has “been pretty boring” besides the actions that promote his partisan agenda.
Cuccinelli spent more than an hour explaining to about 100 chamber members that he was “on the right side” on three high-profile issues: a suit that challenges the EPA over scientific data that was used in its greenhouse-gases finding; another lawsuit that says the federal health-care bill is unconstitutional; and a letter in which he advised colleges that they can’t legally designate sexual orientation as a protected class.

Other than those issues, his 2 ½ months in office “have been pretty boring,” Cuccinelli said, as the audience in Liberty University Law School’s Supreme Court room chuckled.
In other words, he finds the important public safety aspects of the AG's office to be "pretty boring." Now there were a lot of people who warned about how Cuccinelli wasn't the best candidate if you wanted someone who would actually work on issues that could actually improve the lives of Virginians and keep them safe. During the campaign, for instance, we even saw clear evidence of how he might ignore these issues because Cuccinelli constantly mocked the fact that Steve Shannon focused on his background as a prosecutor and his desire to fight public corruption, prosecute internet predators, and be a consumer advocate.

What makes the situation even worse is that in addition to joking about how his job is "boring" when he's not wasting taxpayer money on frivolous lawsuits, he doesn't seem to care about how the vast majority of his constituents disagree with his actions. Del. Scott Surovell, for instance, tweeted about how he told Cuccinelli that "95% constituent feedback [regarding the healthcare lawsuit] was extremely negative" and that Cuccinelli responded by suggesting that there's "an election in 3.5 years and they should vote." This essentially means that Cuccinelli not only finds public service "pretty boring" unless it means promoting an extremist agenda, but doesn't care what his constituents think about his actions. I don't know about you, but that's not the type of leadership that I expect from my elected officials.

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