Saturday, March 20, 2010

Annual Neighborhood Tradition Brings Reminders of Spring and Lessons for Elected Officials

As I was out for a walk yesterday enjoying the wonderful weather that we’ve had lately, I walked by Centreville High School and got yet another reminder that it’s spring time. You see, every year Centreville High School has a mulch sale in order to raise money for the school. The mulch always gets dropped off in the school parking lot on a Friday so that groups of students and parents can use the weekend to deliver it. Thinking back on my days at Centreville, this was actually an enjoyable (but exhausting) ritual as the members Senior class all came together to deliver the mulch. Even as people are tired and dirty after loading and unloading the heavy bags all day, everyone still had friendly competitions to see who could lift the most or finish their truck the fastest.

It’s also a great way for the community to support the school and a lot of families get their mulch through the program so they can do just that. I think this is a concept that is important for everyone to remember as our localities are moving forward with discussions about their local budgets. When it comes to things like our schools, the vast majority of people believe we should support our public schools and are generally willing to do their part to help make sure our schools succeed. After all, Vivian Paige was correct when she pointed out that even people who don’t have students in the public schools have a financial interest in making sure that our schools are successful.

I bring this up merely as a reminder that our elected officials should come together and work hard on the issues that would benefit the community. If our officials decide to put community leadership above their own partisan agenda, after all, we’d see a lot more solutions on important issues like health care reform and our public schools. So while I don’t expect everyone to come together like the folks in the Little Rocky Run neighborhood do every year around the CHS mulch sale, I sure do hope that some of our local leaders take that spirit into consideration as the debate moves forward on local budgets.

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