Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who Did You Want to Win the Russia v. Canada Hockey Game (With Poll)

With the Washington Capitals performing so well in the last few years, DC is beginning to emerge as a hockey town. While my sport is still baseball (the Nats have had a good off season, btw), I’ve been to the Verizon Center for a few Caps games and the energy there is absolutely amazing. With our star player, Alex Ovechkin, playing for Russia I’ve heard that some hockey fans from the area are hoping that Russia does well in the Olympics. David Gregory even brought up his children’s sense of divided loyalties during an interview he had with VP Joe Biden on Meet the Press.

Those DC area fans that wanted Ovechkin and his teammates to go far in the Olympics were treated with some bad news last night as Canada beat Russia 7 to 3 in the quarterfinals. Apparently, DC fans weren’t the only ones who were focused in on Ovechkin last night as the Washington Post reports that Canadians were really looking forward to taking on the hockey great.
What all of Canada had built into an Alex Ovechkin vs. Sidney Crosby matchup -- the red-clad, hockey-mad fans gave the arena the look of Verizon Center during a Caps-Penguins playoff game -- instead turned into an eye-averting onslaught. Ovechkin was certainly a focal point, both for the crowd, which booed him during introductions and every chance it got, and for the Canadians, who hit him so hard and so often that Ted Leonsis probably had difficulty getting out of bed this morning. But neither of them had a point.
Now what I find interesting is that a lot of people who are just casual sports fans and tune into the Olympics simply because it’s the thing to do seem to want our friends to the North to do well. I know that early on I found myself cheering for Canada to get its first gold medal on home turf when there wasn’t an American in the running. Taking all this into consideration, I thought it would be interesting to see who people from the DC area wanted to win last night’s game between Russia and Canada. You can answer in the poll below and, if you feel so inclined, leave your thoughts on the game (or anything else about the Olympics) in the comment section. VoteWho did you want to win the Canada v. Russia hockey game?

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