Monday, February 15, 2010

Could A Retail Store Potentially Find A Home in the Fairfax County Government Center?

It appears as though there are some people are considering placing a retail store on the first floor of the Fairfax County Government Center as a way to help ease the budget deficits that the County is currently facing.
Fairfax County officials are looking to fill an empty office in the glass-enclosed Government Center with a store -- perhaps a sundries shop, mail-and-postage business or dry cleaners -- in one more attempt to generate revenue to help close a multimillion-dollar budget gap.

If the store comes to fruition, it would mark the first time a private business has set up shop in the central offices of a Washington area public locality, officials say. Supporters of the plan said it would also be a long-awaited first step in turning the cavernous and isolated Government Center into a pedestrian-friendly complex with a more urban appeal.
I'm not against this idea, I simply don't think any store placed there would actually be successful when you consider that there are plenty of shopping centers (there are at least four that I can think of right off hand that are less than 1.5 miles away.) Having a relatively small store inside a government office center therefore isn't going to attract a bunch of shoppers besides people who already work there. WIth that in mind, what might work well there is a sandwhich shop where people could get a quick bite to eat during a break. My old office is about a mile away from the government center, for instance, and it had an extremely popular cafe on the first floor where a lot of people went simply because they didn't want to have to leave the building (despite the fact that there were several good restaurants close by). Since the office building I was in had about the same number of workers as the government center does, I imagine a food shop might do quite well there. The only problem that could cause is whether or not the space was set up for a cafe and I highly doubt it is.

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