Monday, February 22, 2010

Republican Primary in VA-11 Is Getting Nasty

When Pat Herrity decided to enter the Republican Primary in the 11th, a lot of people were hoping that Keith Fimian would simply drop out of the race and let Herrity have a clear path to campaign for his third different office in just a few years. The fact that Fimian didn’t drop out, however, has caused people supporting both candidates to give us examples of how this will truly be a bloody Republican primary.

In a post that he wrote last week, Brian from “Too Conservative” slammed Fimian as a candidate who appears to spending most of his time “railing against ‘career politicians.’” While he tried to argue some local Democrats as “career politicians,” Brian seemed to be awfully offended that Fimian would try to lump Pat Herrity into that category even though Pat isn’t even halfway through his first term in office and is already running for his second different office since being sworn in and 3rd different office overall.

Still fuming, Brian highlighted how he didn’t like Fimian’s “temper tantrum” after Herrity announced his candidacy, claimed “he hasn’t demonstrated is that he can beat Gerry Connolly” while outlining how he thought the numbers proved how poorly Fimian did in 2008, and mocked the fact that Fimian has loaned his campaign $100,000 and is likely to self fund his candidacy.

Now Herrity supporters aren’t the only ones attacking their fellow Republicans. Even though Brian from Too Conservative would like us to believe that the only people who support Fimian online are part of the “hired Fimian blogging brigade,” it’s worth noting that Fimian supporters aren’t letting their candidate be bashed without making sure their own side of the story is being heard. In an interview he did with Red Nova, for instance, Fimian himself knocked Herrity for not being “able to beat Sharon Bulova in a low turnout special election.”

Chris over at Mason Conservative has also weighed in by claiming that Fimian is winning the message battle and that “the best Herrity's backers can do is shout their righteous indignation.” Perhaps hinting at the animosity that Fimian supporters have felt after so many people assumed that Fimian would simply drop out of the race, Chris also claimed “Herrity is low on issues and high on party support.”

Since the primary is still months away, the fact that the Republicans are already splitting into factions and bitterly attacking each other suggests that it’s going to be a very tough primary. Whoever wins is going to emerge from the race bloodied and having already spent a lot of money trying to win the Republican nomination. When you consider that both candidates have already lost at least one race in a large portion of the district, things are not off to a good start for the Republicans in Virginia’s 11th Congressional District.


  1. I saw the College Republicans at GMU today tabling for Fimian and not Herrity. Hmmm.

  2. Why should Fimian drop out just because Herrity feels entitled? Herrity's daddy was a GOP big wig so we should clear the field for Pat? I don't think so. Keith Fimian has demonstrated that he can raise serious money, and he did better in the district than McCain-Palin in 2008.