Friday, February 26, 2010

Keith Fimian Can't Spell Capital Gains

Well this is rather entertaining. Keith Fimian has always tried to cast himself as the likeable guy who runs a small business and therefore might be able to help create jobs if he’s elected. Setting aside the fact that he’s advocating for policies that simply won't work, has a history of forcing his own right wing views on his employees, and that even Republicans admit he spends most of his time railing against “career politicians” and “Congressional cronies,” it looks like he isn’t exactly on top of what’s supposed to be his top issue (financial policy).

If you look at this video beginning right around the 3 minute mark, Keith begins listing some of his recommendations. The first one that pops up is his belief that we should address capital gains issues. The problem is, he can’t even spell capital gains correct. I’m not kidding, somebody should let Fimian know how to spell “capital” gains. So much for Fimian having an in depth knowledge of financial issues.

It also looks like having to figure out how to spell capital gains has caused him to stress out as Fimian’s hair has gotten a whole lot grayer since we saw him run in 2008. I guess that means you have to cross “boyish good looks” off his list of qualifications too.

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