Wednesday, February 3, 2010

John McCain Flips on Whether We Should Listen to Military Leaders Regarding DADT

The Republicans have tried hard to make it look like they are the party that supports our troops and that anyone they disagree with is putting our country and armed forces at risk. In the course of doing so, they are willing to flip flop on various issues and do whatever it takes to make it look like they are standing up against the forces of evil. One of the topics that they do this on is Don't Ask Don't Tell. Now that military leaders like the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and former Chairman Colin Powell are calling for the repeal of the discriminatory policy, we're seeing first hand how John McCain is saying that it's no longer a good idea to listen to what the military leaders have to say on the topic.

Since he specifically said on the record that we should listen to Colin Powell on this topic, the only reason one can assume he'll no longer listen is that he doesn't like what Powell said in opposition to DADT. What's even more interesting about this is that Powell was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs when this policy was adopted back in the '90s, which is part of the reason that McCain claimed he wanted to listen to Powell in the first place. But, again, McCain is now refusing to even listen to Powell because that wouldn't allow him to argue in favor of the discriminatory policy.

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