Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jim Riggleman To Participate in Radio Segments Prior to Nationals Home Games

As a lot of you already know, I a big fan of the Washington Nationals and baseball in general. Being a Nats fan isn't exactly the easiest thing to be when you consider how horrible their record has been in the last few years, but you're able to look past that if you have confidence that the team is indeed trying to build for long-term success. One of the latest developments in how the organization will be reaching out to fans and letting them know what's going on is by having Manager Jim Riggleman participate in a segment during the pregame show. Although this clearly isn't what's going to turn the team around, it's one way of making sure the fans remain loyal during tough times. Riggleman seems to understand this.
"We are really excited because in the last five years, we were not able to come to any agreement with Frank Robinson or Manny Acta," said Jeff Wolinsky, who is the director of nationals sales and sports sales manager at WTOP Radio Network and WFED. "The reason this was able to happen with Jim is because he wanted to have an opportunity to reach out to the fans. This gives Jim a great opportunity to speak as clearly as possible to the fans on a daily basis."

Riggleman wasn't available for comment, but his agent, Burton Rocks, said his client wanted to connect to the fans.

"This was something Jim was quite passionate about," Rocks said. "He wanted the fans to feel connected to the team on a daily basis."
I'm looking forward to hearing what Riggleman has to say during these segments. While I don't think it'll be anything groundbreaking, it'll be interesting to see if he does anything beyond simple sound bites that you can catch on Sports Center. Although this isn't in the works to the best of my knowledge, a great way for Riggleman to connect with the fans would be to expand upon these appearances by participating in an "Ask the Manager" segment every so often like the Governors of Virginia and Maryland do on WTOP about once a month that allows the general public to call in and ask questions.

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