Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Glenn Nye Signs on as ENDA Cosponsor

As Vivian Paige pointed out earlier today, Glenn Nye has signed on as a co-sponsor of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). I join Vivian in being a little surprised that he has signed onto the legislation considering how he’s been on the wrong side of a lot of issues this year, but this is indeed very good news for anyone who believes in basic civil rights.

With our country facing severe economic difficulties, ENDA is a piece of legislation that would not only help prevent discrimination but would potentially help members of the LGBT community obtain employment. I’ve spoken with many people who are dead set against marriage equality who have agreed that people shouldn’t be denied employment just because of who they love. This helps to show just how the only people who find this policy controversial are those on the extreme religious right. In other words, they would NEVER vote for a Democratic candidate and would like to see most Republican incumbents challenged from the right.

So I’m glad to see that Glenn Nye is now willing to stand up for common sense and basic civil rights by signing on as a co-sponsor of the Employee Non-Discrimination Act. Hopefully this will be just be the first of many times that we see Nye stand up to the extreme right and support legislation that would improve the lives of so many Virginians.

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