Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dueling St. Patrick's Day Events, I Recommend Gerry Connolly's

Anybody who knows Gerry Connolly knows that he loves St. Patrick's Day. I've heard him joke on several occasions about how it's supposedly "the holiest day of the year." Since he first ran for Providence Supervisor back in 1995, he's been holding an annual celebration for St. Patrick's Day that started out in his home and has now grown into one of the must attend events in Northern Virginia for Democrats. Over 1,000 people attended last year as it also featured plenty of statewide candidates giving speeches and the event's famous straw poll. It's gotten so big that even Pat Herrity has tried to copy Connolly by holding a St. Patrick's Day Party (it'll be interesting to see which event attracts more people).

In past years, the straw poll at this event has become one of the big things for candidates in local Democratic primaries to participate in. Since there aren't any Democratic primaries that cover turf in the 11th this year though, I'm thinking Gerry should change it up a little bit here. Since Herrity's already proven he's want to copy Gerry's campaign events, why not have people vote on who they want to win the Republican primary in the 11th? That could create some entertainment :)

On a serious note, however, if you're interested in attending the event will be held at the Kena Temple (9001 Arlington Boulevard in Fairfax) on Wednesday from March 17th and you can purchase tickets at the door or by purchasing them online here.

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