Friday, February 26, 2010

Dennis Findley Drops Out of Democratic Primary in the 10th

At the Dranesville Democratic Committee meeting last night Dennis Findley announced that he would be dropping out of the Democratic primary in the 10th Congressional District. After explaining that “a family matter has arisen” that needs his “undivided time and attention,” Dennis thanked his staff and all his supporters for their efforts and promised to do what he could to help the eventual Democratic nominee.

As many others have already said both publicly and privately, I think Findley deserves to be praised for putting himself forward for public service even though it didn’t turn out the way he would have hoped. Furthermore, I understand that it was actually through advocating for his special needs son that inspired Findley to get more involved in the political process. As I pointed out in a post earlier this week, this is an area where our elected officials need to be held accountable so I am very pleased to see that there are people like Findley who are actively advocating for special needs children. I sincerely hope that he’s able to continue his work on these topics because it’s clear to me that he’s passionate about making a difference and I’m confident that he could have a positive impact if he continues his advocacy work.

Of course the primary must go on and it appears as though the date and method of the primary will be set this weekend. As Lowell pointed out in his post earlier this morning, “the ‘firehouse primary’ they tentatively decided on a few weeks ago may go by the wayside, but we'll find out soon enough.” I personally hope they decide to go with an open primary because I believe this is the most democratic (with a small d) and is the best way to get more voters activated. In the end, however, a “firehouse primary” is still a whole lot better than a caucus which generally only involves a small number of voters.

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