Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why Are the Republicans Holding a Primary Outside of the 37th?

The Republicans are holding their firehouse primary for the 37th Senate District tonight at Centreville High School, which is a mile away from my house and is my polling location. Why is this interesting, well because I don't in the 37th Senate District. George Barker, who represents the 39th District, is my state senator. Considering that the Republicans are going after Marsden for moving into the district in order to run, you’d think they’d actually want to find a polling location inside the 37th District. Guess we'll just have to remember that whenever they try to use political stunts to distract from the fact that they don't have good policy positions to promote.

UPDATE: For those of you who want more proof, here's a link to the "Who's my legislator" database results showing the districts that Centreville High School is in.


  1. Don't know for sure, but I can take a stab.

    First, since the same thing was done in 2002 for the primary that tabbed the Cooch perhaps the GOP leadership chose not to mess with a winnign precedent. ;-)

    Second, I assume they wanted to go as central as possible with a big building that could handle a big crowd and was available. In 2002 Robinson Secondary was used in the GOP primary between Coochinelli and Thompson, and there was lots of griping from the Sully end of the district that there was only one polling place, and it was at the far end of the District. Had the polling place been in Westfields, etc., there would have been simliar griping from Burke and Springfield.

    Anyway, that's my best guess...


  2. I can understand wanting to have a central location, but Willow Springs Elementary and Centre Ridge Elementary are just a couple miles away from Centreville High School and are large enough to serve as the voting location.

    There's obviously going to be more important issues that come up during the election, but I simply thought this was interesting -- especially considering that there are some people who have been making a big deal about Marsden moving into the district even though he already represented a large chunk of the 37th.

  3. Bryan -- thanks for pointing this out.

    My pragmatic guess is that this was the building they were most able to find short notice. Schools have a lot of programs going on now in the evenings, and budget cuts have closed a lot of libraries in the county earlier than most primaries need to run. And while it would be nice to have more places to vote, it isn't always easy to find a location (central or otherwise) or get people to staff it, who are not on the county electoral board, but simply party volunteers. I say this in regards to both parties, by the way.

    However, THAT said, considering that I'm going to hear a lot about the "sacred" boundaries of the 37th district in the next few weeks, this is good to know!

  4. Bryan, you mentioned this concept in our correspondence, and I will again suggest there is a world of difference in perception between a matter of scheduling and carpetbagging. I doubt you will find one person willing to vote against Hunt because of the location of his nomination...I don't know the same can be said of Delegate Marsden's temporary rooming arrangements.