Monday, December 14, 2009

Rally for Marriage Equality Tonight

After voters in Maine narrowly rejected a marriage equality law, there were some pundits who were quick to declare momentum had shifted away from equality. Those pundits are absolutely wrong as more and more people continue to express their support of love and equality. Furthermore, it appears as though there will be a new victory for those who believe in equality because when it meets tomorrow, the DC City Council is likely going to take the second step necessary by passing a marriage equality bill tomorrow. Although it's likely to pass, there will be a rally for marriage equality tonight in downtown DC to show support of the measure.
The DC Council is expected to pass the marriage equality bill a second time tomorrow morning and though Mayor Fenty has pledged to sign the bill into law, we still need as many voices as possible showing support for equality! LGBT people and our allies are excited for a win in this hard fought battle but we need your support TONIGHT.

The rally is set for this evening, Monday, December 14, starting at 7 pm. The Kennedy Recreation Center is located at 1401 7th ST, NW Washington, D.C.
What may not be readily apparent to a lot of people is that Congress will have the ability to reject this bill. That's because all laws passed by the City Council and signed by the Mayor are still subject to a 30 day review period by Congress. Considering the fact that Congress might have to face votes on the Defense of Marriage Act in the near future, it will be very interesting to see if the right wing tries to stir up trouble by combating equality in DC. In addition to the overwhelming majority that the vote is likely to get from the Council, tonight's rally could go a long ways in letting moderate members of Congress know that DC residents support equality. It is therefore very important that there's a good showing at the event tonight.

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