Monday, December 7, 2009

Grassroots Efforts for Marsden Going Strong, Even in the Snow

During the weekend’s events down in Staunton, there was a lot of talk about how we needed to get behind Dave Marsden as we have just a little over a month left before the special election in the 37th Senate district. It appears as though this also wasn’t lost on many of the grassroots activists that didn’t make it down to Staunton as there were over two dozen volunteers who turned out to help spread Marsden’s message throughout the district despite the weekend's snowy weather.

I’ve been canvassing in the snow before on several occasions and while it’s not necessarially the most enjoyable weather to canvass in, I know that the dedication it takes to actually canvass in the snow does impress people who you speak to in the community. Furthermore, there’s usually a higher contact rate since more people are home (NOVA drivers are infamous for not wanting to drive in the snow) so having a lot of canvassers out in the community on these days can really help to get the word out about a campaign.

According to Mark Henson, Dave’s campaign manager, in just a seven day time period the campaign “knocked over 3,000 doors and made over 2,000 phone calls.” It almost always helps to have an effective ground game, but in a special election that will likely have low turnout in a swing district, the ground game is even more important. When you take into consideration the fact that the Republicans won this seat by less than 100 votes in 2007 during a general election, there is no doubt that the number of contacts already made could prove to be useful (though the grassroots support obviously still needs to continue). Based upon the fact that these volunteers were willing to go out in the snow to canvass, I also have a feeling that the campaign will be able to continue having a good volunteer presence.

The Marsden campaign isn’t taking the volunteers for granted, however, and made sure to thank the volunteers for helping the campaign and reminded them of the hard work that must be done if we want to make sure we maintain our top notch public schools, make sure small businesses can create jobs, and address the traffic situation that’s been in desperate need of attention for so many years.

“I'm impressed by and thankful for the hard work put in this weekend by committed supporters across the district," said Marsden. “From Sully to Springfield, Democrats and Republicans care about the same things I care about: fixing our broken government in Richmond and making it work for the people of Fairfax County.”

“Dave’s amazing grassroots support clearly shows that people recognize how important winning this Senate seat is for Fairfax County,” said campaign manager Mark Henson. “They know we need a serious leader fighting for us in Richmond during these tough times, and that Dave Marsden's proven commitment to the people of Fairfax County makes him the obvious choice in this race.”

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