Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gov. Tim Kaine Issues Statement on Continuing the State of Emergency

With the snow continuing to come down relatively hard here in Northern Virginia, conditions are relatively hard to get around in. So while the blizzard warning is no longer in effect, the major news channels are still all running wall to wall coverage of the snow and everyone is warning people not to head out unless it's absolutely critical that you do so. So with the conditions in mind, Gov. Tim Kaine issued a statement about how he declared a state of emergency yesterday in preparation for the storm and it's continuing for the time being.

"With the winter storm emergency in full effect and snowfall continuing in regions throughout the Commonwealth, Virginia authorities are working in close coordination to ensure public safety and address particularly tough conditions in a number of communities. Following on my declaration yesterday of a state of emergency for the Commonwealth, I have authorized an additional 600 National Guardsmen to participate in our response to the storm.

"18 Emergency Operations Centers are currently open across the state, 20 local shelters are offering services to more than 400 individuals, and 27 local emergencies have been declared to date. Since last night, Virginia State Police have assisted motorists and responded to more than 2,900 accidents or disabled vehicles. We expect temperatures to drop as another low pressure system moves up the coast as well as mixed precipitation -- including 3-8 inches additional snowfall west and north of Richmond and 1-3 inches across the rest of the state. Western parts of the state have already accumulated 18 inches of snowfall, and a blizzard warning has been issued for Northern Virginia.

“VDOT is assuming snow management responsibilities from its contractor in parts of the I-81 corridor and adding state resources to other private contractors where necessary.

"While state authorities remain vigilant in our response efforts, I strongly encourage Virginians to stay off the roadways to avoid accidents and ease snow removal."

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  1. This is a great guide to emergency preparations