Wednesday, December 16, 2009

George Allen Speaks Out Against Medicare Buy In

There has been some speculation that George Allen would seek a rematch against Jim Webb in the 2012 US Senate race. He's been making the rounds of the important Republican functions and there have been more than a few times recently that the media has gone to Allen for the Republican position on current events. With that in mind, Allen told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that he doesn't support the medicare buy in that would allow people aged 55 to 64 to purchase access to medicare. Even if the Democratic leadership were to cave into Lieberman's demands and drop the medicare buy in, however, Allen says that he still couldn't support the bill.
"Even if they do drop the so-called Medicare buy-in option, there are a ton of things wrong with this health-care bill," Allen said.

"Number one, there are tax increases on small business owners, and that's wrong. There would be half-a-trillion dollars in cuts in Medicare. They're going to make health care more expensive with their regulations."
Now the interesting thing here is that by spreading misinformation about the bill and trying to scare people into believing that health care reform would destroy small business, George Allen is taking the position on the issue that would allow him to once again build up his base in the Republican Party. Considering that he’s never displayed a big interest in actually making sure that all Americans had access to affordable health care, the main reason he’d appear to have for publicly commenting on the issue is for potential political gain. As a result of the rhetoric that he used, it’s clear that he still believes that the government should do whatever big business (in this case the insurance companies) wants even if it goes against the best interests of the American people.

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